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About Us

Hello! Thanks for looking at Poppy Fields, we are the owners, Joss and Natalie. Having 5 children, we understand the importance of everyone enjoying a holiday and we aim to ensure Poppy Fields is well equipped for the youngest all the way through to the eldest visitors.

Our Story

Natalie, mother to 3, creative, quirky, sociable and friendly. Natalie is definitely the design guru and creative one of the dynamic duo. Having graduated from design college in Falmouth, Natalie has never lost her eye for being creative; be it the eye-popping lamps you will see on the site to matching (clashing) the various colours and textures that make up the units you stay in. Nevermore at home than with a nail gun in hand and paint-stained dungarees, Natalie will always make you feel welcome and help in any way possible. Natalie also grew up in the area so can always give some great ideas of places to go and visit if you need a little inspiration.


Joss, father to 2, vivacious, classical, practical and welcoming. Joss is a little more straight-shooting than his creative partner. Having worked in marketing and media in London for 20 years, he brings slightly more mainstream ideas to Poppy Fields and helps Natalie with constructing the looks and designs on site. Joss has lived in the area for 5 years now and will always be happy to ask Natalie where you should go if you mistakenly ask him for his opinion. Always warm and welcoming, with a customer-centric outlook, Joss is approachable and friendly and loves nothing more than interacting with people, so please don’t be shy.


I’m sure like us, you all agree that families are particularly penalised when it comes to holidays with huge price rises whenever you want to take some time to spend with your family. Well, not at Poppy Fields. We don’t agree that just because you have children and are limited to school holidays that you should have to break the bank to make some amazing memories. At Poppy Fields we want you to be able to visit and experience the incredible places the UK has to offer and not feel you have been taken advantage of. We simply have 2 rates - high season (May - September) & low season (October - April) with only a modest difference between the two.


We don’t want you to visit once, we want you to come back and see us regularly so make your stay as enjoyable and stress-free as we can is our ultimate aim.


We look forward to welcoming you at Poppy Fields.

Poppy fields glamping at amerton farm

Amerton Farm is our new home from 2024.


All of our glamping units are named after different varieties of poppies. Brilliant Bigalo is our large bell tent that sleeps 12 in 3 bedrooms- Each room is named Prospero, Allegro & Pacino. Our Bell Tents that sleep 2-4 are called Tallulah Belle, Patty's Plum, Harvest Moon & Hazy Days. The Shepherds Huts are Flanders & Checkers and our add on buds Ethels Swete & Edna Perry.

We are an eco-friendly, family focused, high quality bespoke glamping experience located in the heart of Staffordshire. We provide a stress free relaxing environment, enabling you to focus on you and your family in a stunning countryside location close to some of the most beautiful areas in the UK. So why Poppy Fields? Well, we love families, well we love people generally but having been single parent families ourselves we know the importance of creating time for your family and making those special memories. You don’t get these times back! Poppy Fields is designed with family being a main focus, that’s not to say we don’t welcome everyone else too. Just please be aware there will likely be children playing close by.


There is no vehicular access on the glamping site, making it an even safer environment for them to do so . We like doing things a little differently, we embrace and encourage quirky, we like things not to match and all look the same, and if you do too, you’ll love it here. Don’t let this fool you into thinking low quality, everything is handmade or handpicked by us to make your stay a wonderful luxurious experience. Poppy Fields is also eco-friendly so we try to keep our footprint as low as possible. Where we can we have refurbished & repurposed, we recycle and re-use everything we can & where products need to be bought from new they have been carefully selected to be as eco friendly and ethically sourced as possible. We’ve even got eco toilets! (Don't worry, these are still of the luxury variety- no long drop loos or buckets on the floor here!)  Come and visit us, make some memories and give yourself a well earned break with the people most special to you. We look forward to welcoming you to Poppy Fields and sending you home revived and relaxed with some wonderful memories.

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